A Few Words About us

Precision Instruments was formed in 1989 as an engineering Instrumentation manufacturer specializing in the science of force measurement and sensor design. Since then, We offer a full range of Load Cells, Torque Transducers, Vibration sensor, Pressure Sensors, Displacement Sensors and Instrumentation to fill all of your Force, Torque, Pressure, Displacement Measurement needs.

We have engineered force measurement solutions for many industries and applications, Here are sone of the industries and applications areas where our products are used :-.

Automotive, Brewing, Camical manufacturing, Camical research, Railway industries, Material testing machine manufacturing industries, Semicunductors,Textile manufacturing, Fundamental and applied research at universities and National Laboratories, Power monitoring, Pressure monitoring and control, Spring manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Medical research, Motion control, Consumer products, Coal mines, Engineering Colleges, Paper and oil mills, Tyre industries, Iron and Steel Plants Oil pipeline & Oil well monitoring, aerospace, OEM, medical, nuclear, and textile, etc........